Prayer for the cause of Canonization of the Founder Rev.Fr. Mathias Wolff

Sayings of Mathias of Wolff

  • Unlimited confidence makes everything possible. PM I 13
  • I want you to use the divine grace in such a way that you get a thorough knowledge of self, for self – knowledge is the mother of Christian humility. PM I 52
  • My deepest desire for you is to become a dedicated religious, validating the vocation to which you have been called. Adm. Jan. 4, 1827
  • Your vocation brings with it that you are ready to do anything, to go anywhere, to do whatever obedience ask from you. You should only find happiness in doing what God asks you to do. PM I 122
  • Before you start doing something, you should first reflect on it for a while and offer it to God by saying “My God all that I do is done for you.” PM I 88
  • If you sacrifice your interest to the service to God, and do not seek anything but His glory, He will take better care of our concerns than you could have done yourself. PM I 8
  • In everything you must completely surrender to God’s will, so that in this world there is no longer anything you would not happily leave for the sake of God. PM II. Ch. XVIII
  • It is good to say that it no longer matters to you where you live, with whom live and whatever kind of work you do. What matters, in short, is this: be ready for anything. PM I 87
  • I wish that you put before God the miseries and sorrows of others because God wants you to help your fellow beings in their needs. PM I 73
  • I wish that you do not exist on earth to surrender yourself to the pleasures of the senses, not to amass riches, honour or useless knowledge. As a human, you are created to serve the Lord our God. PM I 3
  • When you associate with others, you should talk little and listen much… I wish that you be prudent in your speech and realize the importance of all your words, thoughts and deeds. PM I 40
  • I want you to be familiar with God like a child, speak to Him without fear. You should always and everywhere find a listening ear. PM I 66