Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph

Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph


Evangelical Counsels – Our Way of Life

By our religious consecration we respond to God’s invitation to the fullness of life in Christ through the practice of evangelical counsels. This invitation enables us to devote ourselves more closely to God and His people with undivided hearts for the sake of the Kingdom of heaven and strengthens our solidarity with our fellow human beings. (Cont.5, 6)

Our commitment to follow the evangelical counsels in response to the divine call makes us Disciples of Christ in His own chastity, poverty and obedience affirming our witness to the Kingdom of God on earth.

When the evangelical counsels are embraced willingly as part of one’s life, the individual attains purification of heart and freedom in spirit.

Consecrated Chastity

Chastity is the manifestation of dedication to God with an undivided heart which evokes a response of total love for God and His people. It makes us free to bind ourselves whole heartedly to the Lord and to share His universal love for all beings. (Cont.8)

Evangelical Poverty

By following evangelical poverty we proclaim that God is our only real treasure. We express our total dependence on the Father trusting His providential love and care. This gift enables us to recognize our innate emptiness and in total surrender to imitate Christ who became poor for our sake and to live as He lived in simplicity, freeing ourselves from all disarrayed attachments. (Cont.13)

Apostolic Obedience

Our profession of the vow of obedience has its source in the obedience of Jesus to the Father as we consciously and willingly surrender our own will as a sacrifice to God and labour for the Kingdom of God as Jesus did.

As Mary and Joseph who collaborated in the plan of salvation by being obedient to the will of the Father, we, the members of the Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph, through our legitimate authority, discern the loving plan of God for our mission guided by the Holy Spirit.

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