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Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph



JMJ Response to Justice Peace Integrity of Creation

JMJ Charism springs from following in the footsteps of Christ, and Founder Wolff who lived a gospel way of life. Following our call, we live and express this charism through our apostolic ministries. To understand the integration of JPIC in our Charism and Spirituality, it is essential to note that justice, peace and integrity of creation are the elements of our spirituality. JPIC arises from a spirituality centred on God’s plan of life for all creation, and we are invited to collaborate in this divine project.

The option for the poor is an essential dimension in all our General Chapters over the years. This preferential option for the poor needs to find expression in the life of every sister of the Congregation, in our community life, our apostolic choices and services. (Consts. 15)

Being sensitive to the pressing needs of our times, we engage ourselves in ventures that alleviate human misery by reaching out to the people in the peripheries. (Consts. S 15.1)

Pope Francis in Laudato Si’ invites us to listen to the cry of the poor and cry of the earth. This reminds us to reflect from our Constitutions – ‘that deeper awareness and respect for the environment evolves from a simplicity of life leading to a commitment to use earth’s resources responsibly.’ (Consts. S 14:1)

Living and preaching the Gospel through the works of reconciliation, peace, justice and care for creation cannot be considered merely one activity among our ministries. It is instead an essential dimension of our vocation, like prayer, community and mission.

We need to demonstrate the values of JPIC in our Communities, Education, Healthcare, Evangelization and Social service ministries. JPIC is, therefore, a way of life and mission of JMJ and without JPIC, the integrity and credibility of our mission in the present world loses its taste. Through it we are challenged by the great issues of humanity and committed to the cause of all people, that all might live with dignity.

We have witnessed and affirm the great contribution that our sisters are making. They sow peace and protect human rights, despite the continuing violence and conflict in places we are in. We also realize that, as JMJ, we have to work to be instruments of peace and reconciliation, continuing to be present in places where our presence is needed and not abandoning those who are suffering. With a deep concern for the political crisis and incredible violations of human rights that occur in some places and countries, we express our solidarity with the oppressed, the least, the lost and the last.

We need concrete plans and structures in place for JPIC, and we as Congregation with renewed vision and mission priorities, be prepared to read and discern the signs of the time. We ought to respond to the cry of the poor and cry of the earth with an integral ecological conversion in a radical manner. It includes the spiritual, social, economic and political dimensions. As a contemplative community in mission, we seek to rededicate ourselves to action through contemplation and prayer, solidarity with the poor and the Earth. We implore all the JMJ sisters across our Congregation to deepen our vocation to consecrated life and respond to this call to conversion in the 21st century.

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