Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph

Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph


Family History

I came from a devoted catholic family in Meladon in Trichur Dist., Kerala. I am the 7th of 10 children, 8 girls and 2 boys. Two of my elder sisters were my own class. While at high Scholl we stayed in a hostel belonging to Franciscan Clarist Sisters. They persuaded me to join their order. But my ambition was to study and become a doctor. Seeds of my vocation were sown within my home by one of my elder Sisters and my mother. My sister used to read the biography of St. Theresa of Child Jesus and the life of missionaries and explained to me at the age of 12 which had a deep effect on me. I remember praying for grace to be a missionary.

Early Life

When 10th class result came I was in a fix – unable to decide: whether to go for higher studies or to join a religious congregation in a mission land. My elder sisters who studied with me were dead against my proposal. Finally with the guidance of a neighbor Priest and support of two of my classmates who too wanted to go to the mission land, I got permission from my father. I decided to go to Guntur without delay and join the Society of JMJ who are known for their missionary work. The priest came along with me to Guntur.

Desire to join in the religious life

The reception we received at St. Joseph’s was heart – warming and I felt at home immediately. My feelings of contentment and the tone of my letter to my parents and siblings helped my two sisters in particular who were against my going changed their attitude. Within 9 months’ time my elder sister – one of the two- decided to join the Society. All these enabled my niece and few of my neighborsand far relations to join the Society.
Needless to state here that I am deeply convinced “the seeds of vacation is embedded in the happy, contented and witnessing life of the members of a Congregation”.

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