Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph

Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph


Family History

A gentle cry was heard in the year December 15, 1942, in the family of Rayappa Reddy and Mariamma Gayam as the first born child came to see the greatness of God and to serve him. I was named after St. Francis Xavier as Franciscamma Gayam. I am eldest among 4 girls and two of us are JMJ sisters. Sr. Germaine Gayam and self. I did my primary schooling in my native place patibandla after that I was joined in a boarding in Guntur.

Early Life

During my stay in boarding I was edified by the life examples of JMJ sisters who were very prompt in responding to the call of God in the form of bells. They were very obedient and prayerful. Their way of approach to every person planted a seed of vocation in me. Sr. Berchmens JMJ was my paternal grandmother who was my vocation promoter. It was to her I reveled my desire to become religious and she helped me to choose my vocation.

Desire to join in the religious life

In 1960 I joined JMJ as an aspirant and in the year 1963 I made my temporary profession taking the name Nicolette Gayam and on January 29, 1968 I committed completely to the Lord. The Lord has called me to abide in his love and to work in building his kingdom like a giant.

After my first profession I went to Kurnool and I used to accompany our Dutch sisters to visit different villages to teach catechism to the children. After the catechism classes we used to go to the families to listen to them and to pray for them. I admire the Dutch sisters for their dedicated life in spite of their limitations in following the language of the place; they worked tirelessly and spread the love of Christ in their actions. Seeing this I was moved to follow them putting aside my education. I continued my services in Guntur, Durgi, Siruguppa, Bangalore, Rome, in JMJ formation house, Moira and now in Nellore helping in the cathedral and visiting the sick in the hospital.
All through my life as religious I was completely engaged in catechetical work and during leisure I used to help in needle work. I am always happy and satisfied with whatever work entrusted me by the authorities, I did it with lot of love concern as I see the presence of Christ in every person. There was always joy to give myself totally for the greater glory of God.
The Lord who called me went with me all through my life and His powerful protection guided me in every situation. I Thank God all the days of my life.

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