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A Christian is a follower of Christ’s teachings more by his deeds and less by his words. Christianity is a way of life. It emphasizes on self-denial and self-giving and love for one another. It is a choice of free service. Because God sees every action and blesses human being with the fruits of his service, which is peace.

Place of Birth

“I will praise the Lord, because I am wonderfully made”

Rev. Sr. Xavier Ganti was born as a gift to her loving parents, Mr. Showri Reddy and Ms. Marthamma on 2nd November 1941 at Kavuaru, Nandyala, Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh. She hails from a very traditional, devout catholic family. Her parents placing their trust and confidence in the Lord awaited for nine long years for a child. After a long awaiting and faith in God, they could witness and taste the love of God, in the form of a child. That child is none other than Sr. Xavier Ganti. She got her younger sister after seven years. Her birth to the family of Showri Reddy was indeed a great joy for all.

Family History

A human heart is the center of a person’s emotions, affections or inmost thoughts”

A family binds the relationship with one another. It unites one another with affections and inmost thoughts. Likewise here we find the family of Sr. Xavier Ganti, whose family can be taken as a model for the present generation. Their relationship with each other was so strong that it was impossible to bear the departure of one another. In such a bond the members had to face suddenly the death of Mr. Showri Reddy father of Sr. Xavier Ganti. It was very painful for Sr. Xavier Ganti to bid farewell to her father. Hence she fell sick and it was very difficult for her to recover. Hence her mother planned to send her to grandmother’s place for her further studies. There she could carry on.

Early Education

In the beginning Sr. Xavier used to go to school in her own home town but after her father’s death and due to her sickness she had to go to her grandmother’s place in order that she may continue her further studies in St. Ann’s school, pouluru. As a student in St. Ann’s school Sr. Xavier could be singled out from her peer group as a serious disciplined, morally refined and conscientious individual.

Inspiration and Vocation

Every goal in life has got a starting point. The turning point started for Sr. Xavier in JMJ St. Joseph’s High School in Kurnool. She was inspired by some JMJ sisters who really sacrificed their life in the service of God and His Kingdom. Though she was invited to join by many other congregations but her great and strong desire was to join in JMJ. She joined the congregation on 27th July 1966 and rendered 40 years of service in the great society. Her inspirational persons were Sr. Angelina and Sr. Josephine.

Formation and Religious

The very entrance of her to the Society of Jesus Mary Joseph was a greater contribution. She began her life as a formee in JMJ on 27th July 1966 at formation house in Bangaloreas a Postulant. She appreciates and fervently thanks all her formators. She acknowledges that their disciplined life pattern was seasoned with the personal interest, love and concern.
She also profusely thanks all her superiors and all the members for their great contribution towards her to live a meaningful life as a religious. There are times of suffering in her life, because of her ill health. Nevertheless, it did not put herself away from God and the life given, instead her faith became unshakeable than ever before.

Having lived delightfully, she pronounced her final ‘yes’ to God on 28th Jan 1974 to abide and live as a religious in JMJ by taking up the cross of joy, sorrow, rules, obedience, poverty etc. Truly, as she was a teacher by profession, before joining in the Society, shefinished her TTC in Kurnool. Hence, her service to the Society began in the school as a teacher in different places like Guntur, Hyderabad, Repalle, Koyalakuntla, Sathenapalli, Hanuman Junction etc. eventually; she received best teacher award and best administrator award for her relentless service by the Government of Andhra Pradesh on 5th September.

Places of Visits

Different experiences and exposure to various places make people to think differently. This we could see in the life of Sr. Xavier Ganti. The places she visited and the people she met enlightened her mind in a broader sense. She made pilgrimage to Goa, Holy Land and Rome etc.

Life after Retirement

Nevertheless after her retirement, she keeps the words of St. Paul in Philip3:14 in her mind, “I run straight towards the goal” and the maxim of our founder, Fr. Mathias Wolff, S.J. that is, “Work like a giant” urges and keeps her running, towards the goal by rendering service in schools and colleges.

Few quotes of our precious pearl and the unique personality of Sr. Xavier Ganti

The best thing about being a JMJ

The most wonderful thing that made her to be a member of JMJ is allowing each sister to grow and develop in the society. The authority places trust and confidence in the members. This made her to be a satisfied JMJ in her life.

The most satisfying

The authority placed complete trust in her and recognized her work and commitment to the Lord. So this made her to be satisfied in her life.

The most dissatisfying

She found in the long run that there is no equality, genuineness in relationships, and a sense of belonging.

Her happiest memories

Visiting the Holy Land

Her motto

To fulfill the holy will of God, in the passing days by small acts of goodness.

A word of love to the growing buds of Society

To live as a witnesses to the Lord.


As every saint has got a prayer of her / his own. Sr. Xavier Ganti’s prayer goes like this:

Oh Lord my God! You have called me by my name in my mother’s womb. You have given me breath and light and also walked with me every moment of my existence. I am amazed, Lord God of the universe that you attend to me and cherish, create in me the faithfulness that moves me to live in and out. I trust you and yearn for you, all my days. Amen.

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